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Paolo Bazzuro

Full Professor of Structural Engineering, IUSS Pavia / Ordinario di Tecnica delle costruzioni

Paul Bazzurro (1962) graduated in Genoa in 1987 in Civil Engineering, Building Section, and subsequently gained the titles of Master of Science, Engineer Degree and PhD from Stanford University where he was Consulting Assistant Professor from 2001 to 2005. ‘professor of Construction Technique of the IUSS of Pavia, where he teaches courses mainly on the analysis of hazard and risk for natural events. E ‘in charge of the Hazard Analysis and Risk all’Eucentre of Pavia. Since 2009 he is the vice president of the Scientific Committee of the Global Earthquake Model (GEM).

He is also a member of several other scientific and editorial committee. From 2013, Paolo is a member of the National Commission Major Hazards which reports to the Prime Minister. Before becoming part of IUSS, Prof. Bazzurro has accumulated over 20 years of experience in consulting engineering firms and analysis of risk due to natural disasters in Europe and the United States. Since 1990, he led tens of hazard studies and risk for earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural events for various types of facilities both offshore and on land in the five continents.

Prof. Bazzurro has also led many research projects application for prestigious institutions such as the United States Geological Survey, the Pacific Earthquake Engineering Research Center and the World Bank. For the latter, he led risk analysis that contributed to both the design and the implementation of strategies for the mitigation of risk in innovative projects carried out by the governments of Mexico and the Pacific nations. Over the years he has published about 100 articles in the field of literature, some of which were awarded.