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Women in Risk Management Lunch

October 06, 2015 12:00 to 14:00 Palazzo del Casino, Level 3, Sala Mosaici

Zurich is delighted to be the exclusive sponsor of the 2015 FERMA Women in Risk Management Lunch.

This year’s event will focus on Networking and welcomes both men and women to look the different styles of networking, how networks are used, what can be gained from good networking and how to develop a comfortable way of networking.

The main course will be followed by a session with Heather White. Heather is the founder of Smarter Networking, a niche organisation specialising in teaching people how to network. Heather has worked with an array of professions at all levels as an international speaker, trainer and coach as well as being a published author of ‘How to Work a Room’.

Dessert will be accompanied by a panel session led by Helle Friberg, Group Risk & Insurance Manager at Hempel A/S and member of the FERMA Board. The panel will consist of Heather White, Annemarie Schouw and Anne Charon.

About the speakers