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Presidential Debate

October 06, 2015 16:00 to 17:30 Palazzo del Cinema, Auditorium

Capitalizing on Opportunities for Innovation

“Insurance Innovation can occur if an insurance company grasps three main points: it must identify and understand a problem, come up with the ideas to tackle the problem and skilfully execute a solution.” Extract from Three Thinks Insurers Must Do to Innovate – Tower Watson 2015


The insurance industry has a history stretching back three hundred years, the roots of which coincide with the early stages of the Industrial Revolution. The soft market is the “new normal”, we are in a period of industry consolidation and in the times of the Technology Revolution. Innovation can be sustainable, typically slow moving or disruptive, typically game changing. The Panel will consider how the insurance industry is innovating by taking today’s solutions and making them better and by taking more radical steps that may fundamentally change the way the industry operates.




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