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Forum Medley

Get a feeling of the FERMA Forum 2015 atmosphere in Venice...

FERMA 2015 Medley from brandformula on Vimeo.


Day 1 – 5 October

ANRA Session - Keynote only available on FERMA slideshare account Other worskhsops - no slides for Mergers & Acquisitions

Day 2 – 6 October

Day 3 – 7 October

No slides for Global Perspectives and The Future of Business Interruption    

Pictures from our Flickr account

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FERMA TV Interviews

Interview with FERMA’s president Julia Graham

Interview with the opening Keynote speaker: Sean Fitzpatrick, rugby legend!

Interview on FERMA/Lloyd’s Professional Development Program with Benno Reischel -Lloyd’s and Aysan Sinanlioglu - president of ERMA

Interview with FERMA’s Board Member Michel Dennery on Certification

Interview with ANRA Keynote speaker on MOSE project – Giovanni Cecconi

Interview with FERMA’s new president Jo Willaert

Interview with Seminar 2016’s hosts: Ian Stafrace and Jo Bannister

Interview on Travel Risk Management report